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Archiving flights, tasks and waypoints

Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:13 pm
by brian.savage
When a club starts a new year then some changes are likely for tasks and waypoints.

However once a task has been flown, then the task waypoints cannot be changed, and the waypoints positions cannot be changed. Doing so would invalidate the score of flights which have used those tasks and waypoints.

If tasks or waypoints are deleted, then flights which used them wouldn't display on the maps.

So we need to find a solution.

Handling tasks is easy, we could just have an 'Archive' button, so they would still be there to display old flights correctly, but not be available when a pilot is selecting a task.

Waypoints are more complex, as having an archive button would mean all tasks would then be automatically archived which use that waypoint. Could be fairly easily done though.

Changing the waypoint name or other data other than the position can be done without impact, changes will flow through the whole system as the internal waypoint ID is used not the name. The issue in changing the location as that invalidates all flights which used it.

Remember that the League is set by having a date range, so you just change the start date to June 1 2018 and the league display will be zeroed, even though all the flights are still there.

Perhaps we should create a new league period each year, then in the League page, have a drop down so past years could be displayed.

Re: Archiving flights, tasks and waypoints

Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:44 pm
by martyn
Here's a possible solution.
Maintain TWO turnpoint databases.
The first one - for taskPilot only - maintains all old turnpoints and allows for the addition of new ones.
The second one - for users - allows for some turnpoints to be deleted to reduce clutter. If moved they can be renamed, such as appending AS (airstrip) to the old turnpoint if the turnpoint is moved from a road junction to a nearby airstrip, for example.
The deletion of older turnpoints prevents having points close together (which can render both unreadable on a moving map display).
But this keeps all older turnpoints intact for the display of archived flights.

Re: Archiving flights, tasks and waypoints

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:08 pm
by brian.savage
That's kind of what I was suggesting.

The waypoints are all in the same place, but some have the 'archive' tag set, so they don't appear in the main list, but are still available for flight display for old tasks and flights.

Archived waypoints wouldn't appear anywhere except on an old flight display.

The admin would be able to turn the archive tag on and off.

The same applies to tasks.

Keep thinking!