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Task Classification

Post by martyn » Fri Dec 22, 2017 1:27 pm

Hi Brian
As the "Task Pilot" coach for the WGC I'm really keen to get this "task" thing working, and get more pilots into the excitement of flying tasks instead of just following the strongest energy lines in the sky.
I've set up a battery of tasks from Papawai - mostly 50 km in length - aimed at those new to task flying. What I have found already is that classifying both the pilot ability and the task length/difficulty puts pilots into quite tight niches. If a gold-level pilot flies a bronze-level task then it doesn't count . . . . in real life this may be the biggest task that can be flown on a difficult day, or maybe there's a lead-and-follow coaching opportunity.
So my current thinking is the pilots need to be classified (so experienced pilots need to fly more km or higher speeds to get the same number of points) but a task is just a task and can be flown by anyone.
Everything is experimental. One thing I want to do is generate some "buzz" . . . which I consider to be 'lots of pilots joining in on a day' by flying the same task, for example, racing each other, or just getting around.

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