New features for mid Jan 2018 release

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New features for mid Jan 2018 release

Post by brian.savage » Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:41 am

1. Tasks:

1.1 Remove class from tasks so anyone can fly a task and be scored. Use the pilot class to manage 'handicaps' between pilots skills, so that for example the beginner class gets 3x flight score and the guns class gets 1x flight score. See 3.1 below.

1.2 The flight score is the score for the flight based on glider handicap.

1.3 add feature to task scoring to take account of height lost during flight, to prevent short task being completed with a final glide. This will be set during task creation and will take the form of 'x' points deducted for each 'y' feet the finish height is below the start height.

1.4 add feature to have a max start height for tasks. Start will not be counted if above start height.

2. Administrator features:

2.1 Administrator will be able to delete pilot, task or flight records.

3. Contests and leagues

3.1 Bring the league table in line with contests by including start and finish dates.

3.2 How flights will be scored within contest/league.

Each flight is given a score based on glider handicap which is then not changeable and is stored in the flight record.

Leagues and contests are scored using filters to search the flights based on whatever parameters are set up and prepares the table accordingly.

So a single flight record will then appear in any contest or league with the correct filter parameters, and the contest/league score be calculated based on whatever the contest/league has set up.

So beginner pilots may get 3x the flight score and gun pilots just the flight score.

That way we can drop the Idea of tasks being scored 3x or 1x.

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Re: New features for mid Jan 2018 release

Post by martyn » Tue Dec 26, 2017 1:29 pm

Sounds good, Brian.
Another issue: I would expect a Club to learn a great deal after operating "taskPilot" for a while. This could mean that a new "edition" might be launched in the middle of winter, incorporating all the learning from the previous season. This could include adjustments to tasks, pilot ratings (pilots can advance to the next level), scoring ratings, etc to make the league more fair, exciting and inclusive. I guess the above administrator privileges would cover most of the above. Just something to think about.

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